Boomtown | Bayeza: turning interns into future leaders
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26 Sep Bayeza: turning interns into future leaders

Young black talent taken under the Boomtown creative-wing

Five years ago, we created an intern programmenow we are looking to hire our next intake to join our team and become moulded into outstanding, employable resources.

Bayeza started in 2012 with one graphic design intern, Pola Maneli. A talented individual who won two gold Loeries and went on to work for one of the best advertising agencies in South Africa. Over time, the programme has grown and grown, with us now able to offer five Bayeza spots, and looking for new young talent to enrol in various disciplines, including graphic design, copywriting, client service, HR, digital, production and strategy.

How Bayeza works

Rather than running an internship program where individuals are seen as junior staff, Boomtown runs a specific year-long program with each intern having month by month modules specific to their area of expertise and study. “In this way, we fast track the interns, and they learn more in one year than most junior employees learn in two,” adds MD, Andrew MacKenzie.

This specific training also makes the interns highly sort after from an employment perspective and we are tremendously proud that to date it has achieved a 100% success rate in employment once the interns graduate from Bayeza. “We have employed the majority of these individuals as part of our growth strategy, and others have gone on to be part of reputable companies across South Africa,” says MacKenzie. “The program is also differentiated in that it is not a “free from pay” internship. Each is salaried over and above the dedicated and specific training they receive.”

The Bayeza program not only answers to the needs of our business and a concerted effort to build on our employment equity but also responds to the drive around skills development and more importantly, is changing the lives of the individuals who complete the program immeasurably.

Seeking the next generation

Boomtown is looking for its next team of creative graduates to join the agency from January 2018. Applications are open to candidates in marketing, graphic design, copywriting, brand strategy, digital, production and social media. Candidates can email their CVs through to until November 1st, 2017.