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09 Nov Brand storytelling

By Andrew MacKenzie

Consumers are actively seeking out brands who have a story to tell; they need to believe in and immerse themselves in something more significant than a rational brand proposition. Why? When we look at traditional advertising channels, there are some alarming concerns for brands. Only 23% of consumers trust television advertising, and just one in five consumers trust adverts in magazines and on the radio, and, 79% of consumers believe that brands should be more genuinecolumn, i.e. tell their story.

What difference will it make to brands that embrace storytelling then? More than 50% of consumers feel it is essential to be told why they should care about a brand, and most consumers want to know the history and unique details a brand may have.

Organisations that provide customer-centric content also make consumers feel like they are interested in building a relationship with them, with 90% of consumers finding custom content useful. When a brand successfully translates its identity and promise into meaningful, engaging content, it impacts the relationship the consumer has with the brand. This engaging content can transform transactions into experiences, and connect brands and consumers on common ground or interest. These stories are often born out of how a company was established, what it believes in, an iconic founder, or perhaps even a unique way of doing things.

There are many stories of a company whose legacy started in a garage, with a little hard work and determination turning them into billion-dollar enterprises with global recognition, Harley Davidson, Apple and IBM to name a few. There is something about these back stories that draws an emotional connection. I work for an advertising agency, and I have always been captivated by our story. Our chairman sold two cows to buy the first computer that started our agency in the early nineties. A story of hope, of possibility, realised, of vision and bravery, and in a way, these characteristics still form the bedrock of who we are and how we do things today.

What story does your brand have to tell?