Boomtown | Christmas
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13 Dec Christmas

By Andrew MacKenzie

The five biggest mistakes made by marketers in the Christmas lead-up

Silly season is almost upon us, and most marketers and entrepreneurs are experiencing the pre-holiday campaign rush. Even if you haven’t been planning since March for the Christmas rush, here are my top five things that every marketer needs to be wary of this Christmas campaign season. 

Over-investing in conversion tactics

The Christmas shopping season makes or breaks the retail year. In the quest to drive revenue, marketers over invest in bottom-of-the-funnel tactics like retargeting people to get them to make a purchase, and they forget about the top of the funnel.

Now is the best time to invest in top-of-the-funnel tactics like prospecting and finding new customers. Build on your brand awareness now while people are planning their gifts and invest in conversion tactics. 

Staying static

Relevant advertising always performs better. Marketers using the same creative they have all year miss a trick by not being relevant to the season. Now is the time to refresh your creative in time for Christmas. Integrate Christmas themes. Get more purposeful and direct with your messaging, make you rcall to actions clearer and Incorporate festive colours.

Increasing budget without a strategy

We all know that online research and purchasing goes up over the Christmas shopping period, so it makes sense for marketers to increase digital budgets. But marketers who simply boost their budget without understanding where they should invest it aren’t going to see the right results. So:

  • review your campaigns from last year
  • dig into the data
  • work out what channels performed well
  • talk to your technology partners about new developments and take advantage of their knowledge to help you reach your goals

By leveraging all the information and support you have at your disposal, you can make your increased budget work even harder for your brand.

Using the same standards of success

With new tactics, new creative and a bigger budget it doesn’t make sense to keep the same KPIs as the rest of the year. Marketers that maintain the same success metrics aren’t taking full advantage of the holiday season.

You need to review what success looks like with all these new elements in place for your brand. Start with last year’s data, then consider what else you’re investing in and make the related assumptions.

It goes without saying that once you’ve decided on your new metrics share them with your partners, you want them optimising towards these new performance metrics.

Taking an early mark

With Christmas parties in full swing, it can be really easy to join the party and let marketing campaigns end in mid-December.

But post-Christmas is the best time for advertisers! While most South Africans are taking some time off, they’ve got more time for browsing the internet. Smart marketers, lock in their January budgets now and get the new year off to a cracking start.