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How Boomtown helped build brand awareness for world leader Agrekko in temporary power solutions.
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Boomtown building brand awareness for Aggreko

About This Project



Aggreko, the world leader in temporary power solutions, was relatively unknown in the South African market and initially tasked us with delivering a campaign that would trigger brand recall and most importantly, generate a 20% increase in new sales leads from South Africa’s top 500 mining and manufacturing companies.
Their secondary challenge for us was to find a way to communicate their temperature cooling products to mining and manufacturing industries because their authority in power solutions had overshadowed their other offerings. In both cases it was a matter of reaching the decision makers in the right companies.


We formulated an integrated campaign for their power solutions where we built Aggreko brand awareness through print, online, and ambient media. The pivotal answer to their initial ask, came in the form of a direct marketing piece that communicated to stakeholders that their power would remain ‘always on’ with Aggreko onboard. The second element we handled for Aggreko again made use of an integrated campaign, and was also anchored by an elaborate direct marketing piece. This piece had clever mechanical elements to it, which illustrated the effect Aggreko could have on a potential client’s productivity.


Across the two campaigns, the results were overwhelmingly positive. Aggreko’s power solutions, along with the company’s highly reputable status, was conveyed to the South African public and key decision makers in the right industries.
The company saw a 79% increase in brand recall, and with that, nearly doubled their sales leads target of a 20% increase, reaching 37% overall in that regard. Aggreko’s temperature control offerings were promoted to relevant prospective clients, and the direct marketing piece proved to be a success by achieving a 33% increase in secured meetings.