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How Boomtown personified the internet in a memorable way to grow market recall for Axxess as one of the top ISP providers in South Africa.
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Boomtown increasing brand recall for Axxess

About This Project




Axxess, a Port Elizabeth born internet service provider (ISP), had offerings that placed them amongst the top five ISP’s in South Africa. Despite the company’s bestselling pro account offering a competitive price point, the brand was not well known. It’s understandable that in such a market, Axxess faced fierce competition from other ISP’s, whose marketing budgets outsized theirs considerably.
The challenge then, was for us to build the Axxess brand while communicating the value they offered, in order to have consumers elect to switch over to their services.




We developed an idea based on personification of the internet. A persona called ‘The Gig’ was created; a character covered in orange post-it notes, where collectively, the notes would make up the value of a gigabyte of data. This would serve to communicate in easy to understand terms just what a gigabyte could buy or allow the user access to.
The focal point of the campaign was the nationally run television commercial, which quickly got tongues wagging. The popular TVC was supported by both online and print media.




The success of the television campaign had a profound effect in that it made ‘The Gig’ character synonymous with the Axxess brand. This of course translated to a crucial milestone in any business, that being brand recognition. This was marked and made evident by a 30% increase in brand recall for Axxess.
It also brought about an increase in sales for Axxess’ R59 account, which saw sales soar. Our client wasn’t the only one to benefit from this campaign, as we were nominated for a Loerie award for our work.