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Castle Milk Stout Repositioning

About This Project

Becoming the cream of the crop


The original South African Stout, Castle Milk Stout has seen more history happen than most South Africans. The problem? Its regular drinkers werenʼt getting any younger and the younger drinkers saw it as a bit too traditional and mature. It was time for a change – make history or become it. The challenge was to reposition Castle Milk Stout to appeal to a younger aspiring market while continuing to grow the loyal traditional, rural market; entrench the brandʼs ʻSavour the Momentʼ proposition; enhance its premium positioning and increase its sales. No small ask.


Smashing preconceived bitter taste perceptions was our first major stumbling block, one we overcame by using premium, whiskey-inspired tastings that highlighted the subtle aromatic notes of the product. More experiential moments were created through ʻCastle Milk Stout Unpluggedʼ music events, where consumers could take in the rich, smooth notes of some of South Africaʼs best artists. All of the above was backed up with promotional activations in participating establishments.


The brand saw a 14 % growth and became a category market leader, as well as the second biggest premium brand in the SAB beer category. Proof that when the right teams collaborate, the cream rises to the top.