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How Boomtown positioned Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Authority as the only destination in the Eastern Cape for all adventure seeking travellers.
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Boomtown and Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Authority

About This Project



We worked alongside Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism on their brand development and we met with difficulty in establishing a pure and distinctive theme to use. The province’s vast variety of tourism activities that accommodated all walks of life, made it challenging to pick a single unique draw card that would stand out over the rest on offer. We therefore had to refocus our efforts and find an alternative way to properly represent the province in the range of marketing collateral.


Our strategy called for a nation-wide assessment and comparison of the Eastern Cape’s tourism offerings in relation to the other eight provinces. After gathering the info and forming solid insights, we discovered a real, clear and compelling brand positioning for the Eastern Cape. Instead of honing in on one particular aspect of the province’s tourism offerings, we amalgamated them into what would be known as ‘The Adventure Province.’ We could thus showcase the full spectrum of activities available in the province. The corporate identity we created served to visually express the brand, and highlighted key aspects of The Adventure Province positioning.



The campaign positioned Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Authority as the only destination for all adventure seeking travellers with a knock-on effect in terms of income due to the development of a range of merchandise. The newly formed Parks and Tourism Agency had their corporate identity updated too. Our work with Eastern Cape Parks and Tourism Authority resulted in a Global ReBrand 100 award, which really speaks of the positive changes we were able to facilitate for the province we originated in.