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How Boomtown helped drive Eveready towards being battery market leaders.
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Boomtown growth strategy to drive Eveready as a battery market leader

About This Project



Established in 1937, Eveready had anchored itself in South Africa, but despite their longstanding presence here, they weren’t competing in the upper echelon of the battery market. The problem was that their batteries were considered to be inferior in quality to other brands on the market, specifically Duracell and Energizer. To combat this, they rebranded their alkaline battery and introduced another two products to their battery stable. Their alkaline battery was now a better product than their competitors’, but the challenge lay in convincing consumers of this. We were tasked with driving Eveready towards being battery market leaders.


We set out to support and promote the new battery range from Eveready. Starting with their alkaline battery, which was now the longest lasting in South Africa, we coined the term ‘Foreverever’ in relation to the battery’s longevity.
This fresh word was one South Africans could take ownership of, latch onto, and positively associate with the Eveready brand. A TV commercial was created to convey this, and humorously play on the lifespan of the batteries.
Eveready’s alkaline range was comparatively formidable in the market, and to bolster this, their device specific battery lines were pushed as well, specifically the digital lithium range.


Eveready’s presence was on the rise, their rebranding placed them in the right competitive space to challenge their rivals, but the onus was on us to ensure their exposure lead to sales and profitable returns. The TVC proved to be a success, and overall, the results of a fruitful relationship with Eveready were evident in them experiencing a 25% sales growth.
A proud achievement, which was subsequently eclipsed when Eveready took a bigger market share than Duracell for the first time ever. For a company with a longstanding presence in the market, it is encouraging to work with them in achieving new and elusive milestones.