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How Boomtown helped grow the First Choice Custard competition and extend entries.
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First Choice – Pour your heart out

About This Project



First Choice had an existing ad campaign for their custard, but it had not resulted in the kind of consumer interest they were aiming for, nor had the competition element brought in entries that met their expectation.
We had to play things smart in this instance, by finding the best way to retain the existing artwork and television campaign, while considerably boosting its effectiveness. This represented an interesting challenge for us, one we wouldn’t shy away from.


It was evident that the campaign had merits, and traction in some spaces too, so our focus was geared towards refinement rather than reinvention. Our initial move was to increase the campaign period. With the larger time frame, we went to work, eliminating print ads in lieu of brightening up store aisles with eye-catching branding to lure customers to the point of sale. We followed this by targeting the prevalent culture of social media by making use of Facebook for the campaign, and encouraged more competition entries by adding a ‘unique code’ element to the campaign.
By streamlining the media in use, we freed resources that could be put back into the television commercial in order to make it as strong as possible. Besides improving the TVC, we repositioned it to reach a broader audience.


Our multifaceted way of solving this challenge showed a calculated approach, and provided positive results in each of the areas we focused on. After refining the campaign, a remarkable achievement of a 520% increase in entries was recorded.
If success was measured by competition entry response alone, then this campaign was a resounding one; thankfully the figures and sales volumes were impressive in their own right.
Ultimately, our efforts moved a lot of custard, more specifically First Choice experienced a 70% volume growth in sales.
The pivotal figure in our favour though, was the 200% return on investment we were able to deliver.