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How Boomtown helped grow the First Choice Custard competition and extend entries.
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First Choice – Pour your heart out

About This Project

Sharing goodness, one spoonful at a time.


Woodlands, the forward-thinking dairy behind First Choice products, is all about the greater good for people and the planet, and producing loveable top-notch products. When consumers choose First Choice Custard, it really is a good choice for all. The challenge was to communicate and demonstrate this to consumers by linking the goodness of kindness with the goodness of the product, while encouraging heart-felt gestures in the homes of South Africans. All in the name of seriously good custard.


For the 2016 ʻPour your Heart Outʼ campaign, Woodlands showed the power of appreciation and heart-felt gestures in an emotional TVC starring some grateful beneficiaries of the companyʼs own heart-felt donations – patients from the Red Cross War Memorial Childrenʼs Hospital. With an onpack promotion, the brand then gave custard lovers a chance to win one of five R20 000 cash prizes to make their own heart-felt gesture a reality.


The results were great, with sales going up 30% from the previous year. The ʻPour your Heart Outʼ campaign, now in its fourth year, continues to prove itself as an engaging brandbuilder that has a positive impact on the bottom line, consumersʼ hearts and the greater good.