Boomtown | Case study | Launch of new Flying Fish variant | Boomtown
How Boomtown created visibility for the Flying Fish brand and launched a new variant.
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Flying Fish – Apple launch

About This Project





We were tasked to develop a truly unique, distinctively Flying Fish chapter focused solely on driving visible availablility in store with unique Flying Fish merchandise elements. In this process, we also to introduced the new Chilled Green Apple Flying Fish variant.




Boomtown developed permanent and semi-permanent merchandise across the various COTs communicating the creative message:

  • Flying Fish is available here
  • Buy any Flying Fish and get a free Chilled Green Apple product




  • Pressed Lemon – 64%
  • Chilled Green Apple – 25%
  • Crushed Orange – 11%

** Growth rate results year to date (as of Tuesday 15th December 2015)