Lafarge cements its brand in South Africa

Shaping the future of South Africa

Leading international cement brand, Lafarge, has appointed Boomtown to make its brand relevant to the local South African market.

Established over 180 years ago, it has only been part of the South African market for ten years. Lafarge is a challenger brand in South Africa, competing with established brands with local heritage. 

“We are proud to have partnered with the global Lafarge group and its local marketing team, to challenge the market and position Lafarge as a solution-based brand. We’re utilising our strategic strengths to grow the brand awareness and to develop a creative campaign that is inspirational, memorable and that disrupts the market,” commented our Strategic Director, Glen Meier.

Boomtown created a campaign centred around the fundamental human need for sustainable buildings and construction that supports a rapidly growing population. While evolving the brand strategy to ensure South African relevance, the positioning ‘Shape the future’, was created.

“The campaign speaks to building the nation by providing progressive and innovative construction solutions for future generations. By placing the Lafarge ‘L’ iconography at the centre of campaign visuals, we are placing the cement company at the centre of construction and development in SA,” said Meier. 

The campaign has been placed across various mediums including radio, civil and building print media.  

Lafarge Marketing Manager, Madoda Manitshana commented, “Lafarge South Africa focuses on providing solutions to help the sustainable development of better cities, which ultimately benefits communities. This message, along with insights Boomtown uncovered during its research, has ignited the brand and made us relevant to the South African market.” 

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