Amfi Craft appoints Boomtown for debut marketing push

Global brand positioning

Amfi Craft has appointed Boomtown as lead agency for its global glass fibre and reinforced plastic and polyurethane business, starting with a brief to develop its brand and corporate identity.

The independent agency has been hired with a remit including global brand positioning, integrated communications strategy and creative.

Amfi Craft hasn’t invested in marketing until now and previously relied on word of mouth marketing and referrals. “We’re only one of seven organisations worldwide who ‘do what we do’,” remarks Amfi Craft director, Vaughn Finkelstein. “In our 20-plus years we have used informal marketing to grow, but now is the time to invest in our brand and establish our global footprint even further.”

“The Boomtown creative track record and expansive geographic reach will be key to our success as we create a globally relevant brand.”

Andrew MacKenzie, our managing director, added: “Amfi Craft is a proudly Eastern Cape business that’s competing in a global market. It’s an honour, and tremendous privilege, to partner with a team that has the vision and ambition to enter and compete in exciting markets and understand the power of a brand to do just that.”

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