Maluti Mountain Cement launches in Lesotho

A symbol of strength for the nation

Following its appointment to Maluti Mountain Cement in 2018, Boomtown has successfully rolled out the launch campaign for the Lesotho-based challenger brand.

The highly regarded Lephema family from Lesotho partnered with the international cement company, Lafarge, to launch Maluti Mountain Cement, a product that carries the Lephema name with pride. The inception of the brand marks the beginning of a fruitful partnership with the world’s leading building materials supplier.

The name of the brand references the strength of the Maluti Mountains, and the haven it has created for the region. The campaign line “Our Mountain. Our Cement” looks to empower the people of Lesotho to build new structures and safe havens of their own.

“We’re launching an infant brand and have developed – a brand strategy, an integrated communications plan, the corporate identity (CI), packaging, collateral, and an above-the-line launch campaign,” remarked Boomtown Strategic Director, Glen Meier.

Retaining the gold colour of the Lephema Executive Group, the brand platform and bold iconography, the CI is a result of a full trade immersion exercise, which included store visits and meeting individuals who have or will build their own home. Understanding the pride people have in their homes and knowing that there are only two cement competitors within Lesotho, Maluti Mountain Cement is a strong challenger brand.

“The mountains of Lesotho are a symbol of strength and safety for the nation,” remarked Maluti Mountain Cement Managing Director, Lebona Lephema.

“When our customers use our product, we want them to know they are building with the best, so they can hold a sense of pride as they build their haven and mountain. For more than 180 years, Lafarge has provided integrated solutions and high-tech materials that build communities.  Our family too has become synonymous with quality and reliability across Lesotho’s industries, so the partnership is as solid as the structures that Maluti Mountain Cement will build and support,” he added.

Boomtown is now working on a Maluti Mountain media campaign which includes – radio advertising, print and the use of billboards and lamp poles in key locations.

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