NESCAFÉ RICOFFY – South Africa’s number one

Stirring moments of pride

The yellow and brown colours of the NESCAFÉ RICOFFY tin are just as synonymous with South Africa as green and gold. They are the national colours of a coffee that has connected our country for generations, a coffee that’s ingrained in our lives and culture.

At Boomtown we are proud to be part of NESCAFÉ RICOFFY’S journey, consistently building deeper connections with consumers and contributing to the brand’s growing market share.

As the journey continues, we are evolving the positioning from one tinged with nostalgia, to a narrative more relevant to South Africa’s ‘new’ main market. This means stopping for a moment to smell the coffee and take into account that life is tough for many South Africans. The flip side of this reality is the incredible resilience of South Africans, and the way we get together and share our daily experiences over cups of NESCAFÉ RICOFFY, uplifting one another, and taking pride in our progress.

The new positioning ‘Sharing moments that stir pride,’ is built around everyday people’s small yet significant victories. It’s a creative platform based on human truths, gathered from on-the-ground connections with real people. And that’s what makes it so relatable. The new TVC is an inspiring story of progress against all odds, sweetened with hope and pride. But we think you should it watch for yourself, with a cup of NESCAFÉ RICOFFY in hand. And while you’re watching it, why not take stock of how far you’ve come. We bet you’ll feel proud.

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