NESCAFÉ RICOFFY named Sunday Times Top Brand for Hot Beverages

NESCAFÉ RICOFFY took first place in the Hot Beverages Category at the 2019 Sunday Times Top Brands Awards.

Our team has been working with the popular brand since 2017, to attract more coffee drinkers and support its investment in new product development, with the overall aim of increasing awareness and creating excitement amongst younger consumers.

This has been achieved through encouraging consumers to go into store and trial NESCAFÉ RICOFFY products, and by introducing new and loyal customers to a variety of exciting new NESCAFÉ RICOFFY options, such as the Mmm-ccino Cappuccino range with uniquely local flavours, like Milk Tart, Biscuit and African Marula.

“The team at Boomtown are all dedicated to building brands that consumers love,” remarked our Strategic Director, Glen Meier. “We’re proudly South African and pride ourselves on using deep consumer insights to connect brands to their consumers. It is an honour to be part of a team that’s created an award-winning brand that consumers love,” he added.

Read more about our NESCAFÉ RICOFFY campaigns here.

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