Bronx Woman Winter Campaign.

The Perfect fit

Despite offering a diverse range of ladies’ shoes for summer and winter, Bronx Woman was mainly known for one specific winter shoe, namely the Westee boot. While the Westee was kicking it, the rest of the range was suffering. The brand needed a campaign with a broader footprint, one that would reach a younger audience with a more diverse interest in fashionable shoes.

The creative idea came from the fact that each Bronx shoe has a female name. And what’s in a name? A personality and a sense of style, of course. So we gave each shoe a personality that would match the name of the wearer and coined the hashtag #ItsSoMe. Because when a shoe fits your whole persona, it’s so you.

The campaign launched on social media and in-store, with a bright and colourful look and feel. Consumers interacted with the brand by saying why a certain pair of shoes was so them, for a chance to win that pair.

The results were a step above expectation. The Facebook Page increased by almost 5000 likes and achieved a 97% reach and an advertising value equivalent of over 250k, equating to a ROI of R8.28 per R1 spent on PR. All in all the campaign was the perfect fit.



Bronx Woman


Integrated Brand Communications

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