NESCAFÉ RICOFFY stirs moments of pride.

Sharing the warmth

NESCAFÉ RICOFFY delivers the smooth, fresh taste that’s connected South Africans for generations, and Boomtown is proud to be part of the brand’s journey, establishing NESCAFÉ RICOFFY as the coffee that brings people together. Now, with a focus on the future, we are pushing forward with a strategy that will evolve the brand’s narrative to the next level for the South African main market.

Building on the existing narrative, we are shifting the brand to a positioning centred on the hope and pride that South Africans feel when they share their everyday victories. We recently launched the positioning, ‘Sharing moments that stir pride’ with authentic poems that told stories of everyday people’s small, yet significant triumphs.

A TVC was produced that tells the inspiring story of a mother and daughter who achieve success and work hard so that the mother can graduate from university. It’s a story that demonstrates hope and resilience, serving as a beacon of light to a nation where many adults previously did not have access to higher education. The story is heartwarming and resonates with all South Africans.

We at Boomtown are extremely proud of the results we have achieved over our four-year partnership with the NESCAFÉ RICOFFY brand team. We have consistently built deeper connections with consumers and contributed to the brand’s growing market share. It’s an outcome that highlights the benefits of our on-the-ground connection with real people that make up South Africa’s biggest consumer group.





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