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Courting our customers

After losing one of the biggest distributors of its catering range, Sovereign Foods needed to fill the gap and bring some new business home to roost, but how were they to get the attention of food distributors amidst the noisy cackle of every food brand on the market?

Keen to re-establish Sovereign’s pecking order in the food supply chain, we set about targeting 12 key distributors in the culinary market. Each of them was served a direct mailer with a gavel-shaped meat tenderiser and a summons to the Food Court. Potential clients, existing clients and their top customers were invited to a dining experience in the Food Court, where they could give their tast-e-monial with judge Benny Masekwameng.

Mailer packages also included a full product brochure and a voucher for customers to trial the products before purchasing them in bulk. The campaign also spread its wings online, on social media and in print.

All 12 agents attended the event along with over 200 other relevant people. Programmatic advertising achieved over 13 million impressions with over 50 000 click-throughs to the website, while Facebook generated over 800 leads, 17 000 clicks and more than 770 thousand impressions. Now that’s a result that would stand up in any court.



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