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It’s a scary statistic that one out of every eight women is diagnosed with breast cancer. However, breast cancer is more likely to be treated successfully if detected early, yet a third of women don’t check themselves because they are afraid of what they might find.

Based on the above insight, we launched the ‘Don’t be chicken, check them’ campaign in 2018, a fun, proactive awareness campaign, where R2 from every pack of Country Range Chicken sold went to PinkDrive.

The tongue-in-cheek marketing campaign integrated Country Range chicken and breast cancer detection perfectly, using the Country Range chicken breasts as a pun, to remind women to check their breasts regularly for early signs of breast cancer.

This year, we took the educational element of the campaign to a new level with a cleverly crafted video that used food as a metaphor to educate viewers on how to check themselves for breast cancer at home. We mixed things up, making it simple and relatable and, most importantly, we made it a lot less scary by taking it into a less intimidating environment– the kitchen.

We seeded the video on Facebook and Instagram, where the compelling visuals and tongue-in-cheek approach to such a serious topic resonated with people on the ground. We supported the online awareness with on-pack stickers and point-of-sale touch-points in store.

The result was a successful and informative campaign that rapidly engaged audiences. The video received over 270 000 views in just ten days. The three store groupings stocking the participating packs sold a total of almost 900 trays, which resulted in a donation amount of R187 000 – that’s three times more than the previous year. The breast yet.



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