Change of guard drives agile structure for the new world of business

Glen Meier ushers in a new agile structure

The third quarter of 2020 has seen Business and Strategic Director, Glen Meier step into the role of Chief Executive Officer at Boomtown Strategic Brand Agency, where he has ushered in a new agile structure for the current world of business.

This move came as Andrew MacKenzie stepped down as Managing Director, to follow his passion for creativity and social responsibility outside of the agency.

Meier is supported by a senior management team offering a combined 100+ years of industry experience as the agency sets its sights on furthering work across borders. Boomtown’s successful 25 year track record covers national and international brands and clients from Johannesburg to Washington, London to Zambia, Lesotho to rural Transkei.

A growing presence in Johannesburg and an understanding of how digital and technology is reshaping the world of business, has furthered the agency’s expansion into Africa.

“We believe that growth often happens through challenges and stretches. Navigating change under the current pandemic has shown us how resilient, resourceful and agile the DNA of Boomtown truly is. Focusing on our core strengths of brand design and integrated brand communications with digital at the core, we have already evolved and adapted to the changing business landscape,” said Meier.

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