Hogan Lovells Africa Forum Online Event.

An impactful digital experience

Hogan Lovells hosts their annual Africa Forum conference in London and South Africa, which focuses on understanding, operating, investing and respecting business in Africa. However, due to COVID-19, the 7th annual Africa Forum had to adapt to the circumstances and Hogan Lovells successfully hosted the event online.

The online forum required a simple look and feel, that would translate well for an impactful digital experience. The theme for 2020 – Africa Forum: Growth and Sustainability – was brought to life, literally, through a simple green shoot as the key visual. The Africa Forum logo also celebrated the cycle of growth through the use of autumn colours within the Hogan Lovells corporate identity.

Leading up to the pioneering online event, the call to ‘register your interest’ in attending was supported by a digital lead generation drive, utilising programmatic targeting and social media channels, such as LinkedIn, Twitter and Facebook.

One week before the event, our integrated digital campaign drove 15 000 click-throughs to register, with a conversion of 224 attendees, and a success rate of 66% leads generated. Our online programmatic targeting delivered the highest amount of impressions, viewed 1.1 million times leading up to the event.

Great successes were also achieved on LinkedIn and Twitter – with over 20 posts published, 13 000 total impressions, and a reach of 150 000, and over 120 direct engagements on the day of the event. Overall the 2020 online Africa Forum was well attended by just under a thousand attendees from all across the globe, demonstrating that a digital forum can be just as impactful.




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