Maluti Mountain Cement Brand Development.

Building the Basotho Nation

The highly regarded Lephema family from Lesotho partnered with international cement company and Boomtown client, Lafarge, to launch Maluti Mountain Cement. Against market leaders Afrisam and PPC, the new and local challenger brand needed to connect with the pride that the Basotho people take in building their homes.

The strategic platform and creative execution were the results of a full trade immersion exercise, which included store visits and meeting local individuals who have built, or intend to build, their own homes. The brand name was based on the strength of the Maluti Mountains and the haven they have created for the region, while the campaign line ‘Our Mountain. Our Cement’ aims to inspire and empower the people of Lesotho to build mountains and safe havens of their own.

The corporate identity featured the regal gold of the Lephema Executive Group, as well as bold iconography. The entirety of the brand was brought to life through a successful launch event in Lesotho, with various branding collateral and media.

Collectively, the collateral held together as a strong strategic brand launch and awareness campaign. Through the solid foundation of a good brand strategy, and an iconic visual identity and pack design, Maluti Mountain Cement won the hearts of the Basotho nation.




Maluti Mountain Cement 



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