Sovereign Foods’ Digital Campaign.

Spicing it up

Boomtown recently completed the integrated brand positioning for Sovereign Foods, South Africa’s third largest poultry producer. With a solid base to work from, Sovereign wanted to share their farm-to-fork story and connect with the public through their consumer-facing brand, Country Range.

With our assistance, Sovereign Foods’ digital got very sociable with an exciting social media strategy that was rolled out on Facebook and Instagram, along with an updated, user-friendly website. For the Sovereign Foods master brand, the content strategy was focused on innovation, processes and company information.

The consumer brand, Country Range, was spiced up and brought to life through recipes and engaging campaigns, focused on driving traffic in-store and pushing online interaction, as well as creating awareness and reach.

Much of the content was in the form of easy-to-consume videos, educational meal hacks, nutritional meal tips, and delicious chicken recipes for culinary inspiration. The social media content works in conjunction with Sovereign’s new website, which we also designed and implemented.


The social media campaign cooked up a real storm, with the first phase exceeding all goals, with a growth rate of 170% on Facebook and 133% on Instagram. The increase stems from strategic engagement, inspiring content and relevant targeting. Detailed results from specific posts has provided us with up-to-date insights, which will inform future content. Overall, the campaign proved that exciting content really is the spice of life.




Sovereign Foods Country Range




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