‘Be a worry boob’ campaign raises funds for PinkDrive

Urging women to worry about the right things

With COVID-19 taking centre stage this year, our creative team had to think of a truly engaging breast cancer awareness campaign for our client Sovereign, that would successfully remind women that checking their breasts is a top priority.

The annual Sovereign breast cancer awareness campaign not only raises general awareness but also raises funds for the non-profit, public benefit organisation PinkDrive.

Now in its third year running, Sovereign will donate R1 for every 1kg of Country Range chicken breasts purchased by consumers, at Spars in Eastern Cape and Food Lover’s Markets in Gauteng, to the PinkDrive.

“With COVID-19 being the main health concern and point of focus this year, women are not visiting their GPs or clinics, and are not going for their regular health check-ups, leaving their health at the wayside. ‘Be a Worry Boob’ brings women’s health back into focus, reminding women what’s still important: checking their breasts for signs of breast cancer,” commented our Digital Copywriter, Liesl Silverman.

“By asking people if they are worried about the right things, we are urging them to get their priorities straight, and make sure checking their breasts is top of their list. The ‘Be a worry boob’ messaging is a call to action for all women, be they mothers, daughters, sisters, friends, cousins, aunties and colleagues,” remarked our Graphic Designer, Danelle Claassen.

“With this campaign, we wanted to create thought-provoking ideas and visuals to raise awareness. We aimed to make the consumer stop, look and think. We addressed this very serious topic with fun and quirky messaging and visuals, that would make people ask, ‘What is a Worry Boob?’”

We first approached Sovereign with the idea of creating educational awareness during breast cancer awareness month, while driving sales in-store, in 2018. The ‘Don’t be chicken, check them’ campaign was based on the insight that women are often too scared to check their breasts because they are worried about what they might find. Overall the campaigns were a huge success resulting in Sovereign donating R 55,000 in the first year and R187,000 in the second, a 300% growth in donations to PinkDrive.

Throughout the previous campaigns, we used humour and wit to bring attention to such a serious topic, and this year was no different with the witty, slightly quirky and attention-grabbing tag line ‘Be a worry boob’.

The campaign was rolled out in-store and on digital platforms. Using tactically placed wobblers in food aisles, eye-catching on-pack stickers, and t-shirt stickers for customers to show their support for breast cancer awareness.

While an illustrated breast check tutorial, fun Facebook frame and competition were rolled out on Sovereign’s social media platforms.

Watch the ‘How to do a breast check’ video here:

How to do a breast check self-exam video

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