RBX Internal Communications Campaign.

It’s in our hands

RBX needed to launch an effective campaign that communicated the organisation’s internal values and culture across multiple locations. The campaign needed to communicate each value in a clear, meaningful, yet practical way, to ensure that staff could wholeheartedly embrace them and improve company morale. 

With 11 different locations, three regions and 210 staff in total, it was not going to be an easy task. How do you get a team that has different geographical locations to work as one.

Our strategy and creative team put their heads together and came up with a wonderful insight – changing company culture requires a movement, not just a mandate. People want to get on board with values that they can be proud of. They want to feel a sense of being part of something important, of belonging, having purpose each day, community, pride, and joy in the friendships they have made. 

The solution: understanding each employee, and how each value could be meaningful to them. 

The campaign created an environment where all staff mattered and had the opportunity to see & know their value, to feel & be part of something that is making a difference and to celebrate one another & be celebrated. In essence, the messaging communicated that every person’s role matters.



With literacy being a barrier for some of the employees, the campaign was initially launched verbally and visually with ongoing verbal engagement with smaller groups by selected culture champions in each region/department. 

The key values of the campaign were – integrity and honesty, commitment, courage, fun, respect and equality. By making each value tangible, practical and personal to the staff members, it highlighted their value throughout the value chain and the importance of their role as part of the bigger picture.

The campaign line ‘In your hands’ was created, and our creative team designed uplifting, positive, fun, and engaging visuals in the form of posters, value cards, badges, nominee posters, WhatsApp gifs, as well as a launch video that fully outlined the ideas and concepts of what ‘In your hands’ stands for. Overall the campaign was a huge success enabling employees to feel part of the vital RBX ecosystem.









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