Stellenbosch University Brand Transformation.

A transition from fragmentation to cohesion

As one of the oldest and most prestigious universities in South Africa, Stellenbosch University has a supportive structure of Alumni like no other. Year on year, they continue to grow, sinking their roots deeper into pioneering the future of education.

However, their praises of accolades and achievements have been overshadowed by the increasing demand to adapt and evolve towards a more inclusive society. Together with their new Vision2040, Stellenbosch University needed their values to be reflected from the inside out.

The solution was complex, a transition from fragmentation to cohesion that would not happen overnight. Boomtown was honoured to be an integral part of this transformation, creating a new brand that would unify 140 fragmented logos and translate into a coherent, cohesive and singular visual identity.

A historic moment for Stellenbosch University having gone through rigorous trials and processes, emerging with a new abstract design solution that empowers every stakeholder. Showcasing an institution in constant motion with an identity that is unique, collectively owned and authentically represents the diversity of their origin. It reflects the commitment as an inclusive African University moving forward together under one cohesive brand.

The journey from a fragmented, divided and scattered brand identity to a coherent brand is one that will go the distance and beyond. The new brand says, in a language understood by all, “The journey is ours. Let’s move forward together”..




Stellenbosch University




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