Cennergi Brand Strategy & Implementation.

A strategic, phased approach

South Africa, Africa, and the world are facing unprecedented energy challenges. There is a clear and definitive need for more power, cleaner power, and new solutions for a sustainable future. 

Exxaro has long recognised that the need to shift to a lower carbon environment must, and will, arrive. To achieve this, they needed to create an optimised investment portfolio that focussed more effectively on building sustainable businesses.  

We needed to develop a brand strategy that would redefine their new roles, create and design their new visual identities, and put together an effective launch strategy for both entities.

Our key objective was to deliver a strong, recognisable brand and distinguishable corporate image that will stand out amongst the clutter.

We went with a 3 phase approach where phase 1 focussed on creating the brand strategy and foundation for Cennergi Holdings.Co and Cennergi Services.

In Phase 2 we developed the visual identity and corporate identity design for Cennergi Holdings Co. and Cennergi Services, which involved hands-on collaboration with our clients. We developed a logo that would definitively stand out amongst the rest while still showcasing the link between the two companies.

In phase 3, we then strategised the launch for both companies, which involved a newly developed website.








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