First Choice Custard Campaign.

Living the Soft Life

First Choice custard is affordable quality with a sense of humour. It is the perfect treat for friends and family to share with a rich, creamy and smooth-pouring consistency.

With this brand positioning in mind, the task involved creating a summer campaign that would launch in October and run until November. The campaign needed to increase sales by 8% and create brand awareness for First Choice Custard.

We all enjoy the finer things in life, but not everyone can afford them. They are not always accessible to us, and foods such as cheese or custard are seen as precious commodities.

With First Choice Custard, you can experience more good times. It is an affordable treat that gives you more value for money with more custard to go around for yourself and your family to share in the good life.


‘Soft life’ is an idiom used in South Africa that refers to living a life of comfort with no unpleasantness. It’s that self-care attitude to life that people have embraced by living “soft”.


The First Choice Custard campaign focussed on what it meant to live a ‘soft life’, standing out from the competitors and finding comfort in a product that is available to every South African. This campaign established that the finer things, such as First Choice custard, are accessible. So, asphile soft.


The concept was brought to life in-store and online. Firstly, a competition was introduced to increase sales of the products and, secondly, we used social media to roll out our videos with a character that brought the ‘soft life’ to life. We also used influencers to create video content to spread awareness of First Choice custard via their pages.

The competition was promoted on the First Choice Custard Facebook page and in-store, while the weekly Giveaways rolled out on Instagram, receiving a total of 32 380 valid entries. Instore sales saw a 28% volume increase during October and November compared to the same period in 2020. Online sales for First Choice custard totalled R17 265,39; 201 units, a 60.5% increase for the same period in 2020.

The three ‘Soft Life’ campaign videos were posted on Facebook with paid ads and, after two months, reached 188.24k views. The videos were also posted on YouTube and promoted in the First Byte Newsletter. The influencer videos were featured on Instagram only. In total, the influencer campaign videos reached 160.2k views and their additional content generated over 4.541k engagements. Of the seven videos posted on Social Media, we received more than 190.08K video views in total. The best performing video on Social was, You don’t need to have all the money in the world to live soft, with 144.7K views, 5.4K link clicks and 174 likes. Although we also promoted all the videos with the same ad budget, this one was favoured. 

Reach and impressions for Facebook and Instagram combined went up with over 1.3 million impressions. The posts that generated the highest reach were the three Soft Life campaign videos, and in its entirety, the campaign received over 5k engagements.

We also used email marketing which received 284 clicks to the landing page directly from the landing page and 91 clicks to the YouTube videos. We also promoted a product review from the Newsletters and received 49 First Choice custard product reviews.

Overall, we met our KPIs with the Summer Campaign successfully increased sales and generated brand awareness online through reach, engagement and impressions. Now all South Africans can live the ‘soft life’, weekend after weekend after weekend, without stressing about custard being expensive because you can buy First Choice custard. So, asphile soft.




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