Nescafé Ricoffy South Africanness.

Celebrating Our South Africanness
NESCAFÉ RICOFFY has been a part of South African heritage for years, and 2021 is a milestone for the household brand as it celebrates 50 years. For the big celebration, we wanted to honour our consumers and the country. As a creative and digital agency our campaign had to fulfil three key aspects; celebrate the birthday of one of the biggest brands in the South Africa, continue stirring pride in our consumers, and authentically communicate and connect with our audience.

The solution, an intelligent keyboard that makes it possible for you to speak South African with your contacts. The integrated campaign encouraged consumers to build and contribute to a language that we all speak, South African. They shared what it truly meant to be South African through the unwritten spirit of knowing who we are, understanding without asking, and hearing without sound. It is the way we walk, talk, and communicate and a language only South Africans can understand.

The campaign ran nationwide on ALS radio stations, TV, digital platforms and was supported by PR. Our consumers gave it their all and proudly shared South African words which we used to develop the MZANSAY™ keyboard Keyboard App for Android and IOS. and submitting their written lyrics in a video format.

Once the winner was selected, we produced the song and had Soweto’s Finest choreograph a routine. The launch of the dance challenge saw so many young South Africans entering and showcasing their moves. The campaign hit home with our target audience who were involved from start to finish combining their South African spirit and finesse to create some great content.
Throughout this campaign, NESCAFÉ RICOFFY celebrated 50 years of being a beloved brand in this country while simultaneously celebrating the South Africanness of the people who support them. Engagement was at an all-time high as we managed to connect with our audience in a way only a truly South African brand could, by reminding our consumers to always take pride in celebrating their South Africanness.




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