Nescafé Ricoffy Women’s Day Campaign .

Stirring Pride in the Women of South Africa
With Women’s Month was coming up, we wanted to find a way to use NESCAFÉ RICOFFY’S 50th birthday campaign to stir pride in the women of South Africa. The truth is, 80% of South African women feel uncomfortable in their clothing because what they wear subjects them to derogatory words and harassment. Since words have the power to uplift and change the narrative, we spoke up to raise positivity.

As part of NESCAFÉ RICOFFY’S 50th birthday campaign that celebrated South Africanness through words and sayings, we celebrated our South African women by encouraging Mzansi to create and share positive new words that define who a woman is. We then brought these Proud Words to life by adding them to our unique South African MZANSAY™ keyboard that suggests user-generated South African words and sayings every time we text. We encouraged Mzanzi to re-write the narrative of a South African woman by using our Proud Words.

The campaign ran across Instagram and Facebook, our main objective was to create brand awareness throughout Women’s month while using the momentum created from the MZANSAY™ keyboard campaign.
The campaign received amazing responses across all social media platforms. South Africans put their creativity and passion for the women of South Africa to the test and submitted their Proud Words. Our audience shared their own creations of words that define who they are and those which empower the women of Mzansi. Through our social media Women’s Month campaign, we gained a total reach of 2 469 770 and a total engagement of 11 907. The overall sentiment sat at 71% positivity. Not only did we re-educate South African men and everyone else, but we also put derogatory words on mute to amplify the words that stir pride in our hearts for the women of our country.




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