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When The Combos Combine
Summer is all is about friends, music, and enjoying an ice-cold bottle of NESCAFÉ RICOFFY n’ICE. Every moment we have to connect is a new opportunity for us to collaborate, help each other move forward and create moments that make us proud. So, in Summer 2021, we wanted to bring our target market together and inspire collaborations through a digital marketing campaign.

Introducing, When The Combos Combine – a phrase taken from South African street culture highlighting that when a group of things or people come together, they create an unmatched combo, much like the combination of ingredients in NESCAFÉ RICOFFY n’ICE. When South Africans come together and collaborate, they create magic.

With a thorough understanding of our target audience, we decided to launch a social media campaign that would bring these combos to life. We partnered up with a renowned amapiano DJ, Mr. JazziQ, to create a summer beat for us. We then used this beat to inspire our audience to enter by creating and submitting their written lyrics in a video format.

Once the winner was selected, we produced the song and had Soweto’s Finest choreograph a routine. The launch of the dance challenge saw so many young South Africans entering and showcasing their moves. The campaign hit home with our target audience who were involved from start to finish combining their South African spirit and finesse to create some great content.
By the end of December 2021, the MZANSAY™ keyboard has been downloaded 21,02K times – 20,16K on Android and 409 on iOS, with most downloads coming from South Africa. Based on the latest campaign report, the insights show that the campaign continues to receive positive sentiment – with 8,25 total reach and 23,482 total earned engagements.

We continue to analyse the campaign data weekly, assisting us in tracking the campaign growth as we continue to promote the MZANSAY™ keyboard download.

We managed to successfully celebrate NESCAFÉ RICOFFY’s 50th birthday in a memorable way that will live on longer than just the year 2021 through the NESCAFÉ RICOFFY MZANSAY™ keyboard app.




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