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African Health Placements Recruitment Campaign

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Africa is often seen as a crises-stricken continent, poor, war-torn, and out of reach of aid in the places that need it most. We were given an opportunity to creatively solve very real and severe problems, ones that struck close to home. Some of Africa’s poorest communities were in dire need of healthcare professionals. We were faced with the challenge of enticing doctors to commit to lending their services in places that would benefit from them most.

It’s not often that a project so affecting comes around; one where we are given an opportunity to make a vital difference in so many people’s lives.


Doctors obviously possess a very specialized skill set that keeps them in high demand all over the world. To reach these individuals, and to make a worthwhile appeal to them for their services, was going to require the right medium.

We formulated a unique direct mailer that urged graduating doctors to lend a helping hand. We made an appeal to them in a way that only they were privy to, with an audio recording that was audible through their stethoscopes. It proved to be a highly effective and truly direct way of communicating with the doctors, which got our message across successfully.


The campaign successfully enlisted four doctors, with more placements still pending. That may seem insignificant, but in fact, it represents a far-reaching success when you consider that just one doctor is able to effectively service a population of 80000 people within an impoverished community. That’s at least 320000 people who didn’t have access to basic medical care or facilities, who can now have hope for their health and wellbeing.

A further 36 enquiries have been generated by the campaign, which is encouraging for Africa and makes it clear that doctors responded to our specialized approach. Not only did the campaign catch the attention of the doctors as intended, but it also captured the imagination of the international advertising world and resulted in us taking home a silver award at the prestigious Cannes Lions Awards and Clio Advertising Awards, and gold at the Epica Awards.

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