Boomtown bags two Pendoring awards

Boomtown wins two Pendoring awards

Boomtown does it again and this time brings home two Pendoring awards including a Silver award for our work created with our partner Nestlé for Healthier Kids. This year we entered the Pendoring awards with our work for the Nestlé for Healthier Kids campaign, which proudly supports and encourages healthier eating amongst South African children. […]

Nestlé for Healthier Kids Campaign

Nestle for healthier kids

Nestlé for Healthier Kids Campaign. Doing it for the kids Previous Next Today there are some 40 million children under the age of 5 who are obese. Which is why Nestlé kicked off the Nestlé for Healthier Kids campaign to support parents and caregivers in raising healthier children and advocating for togetherness as the best […]

RBX Internal communications


RBX Internal Communications Campaign. It’s in our hands Previous Next RBX needed to launch an effective campaign that communicated the organisation’s internal values and culture across multiple locations. The campaign needed to communicate each value in a clear, meaningful, yet practical way, to ensure that staff could wholeheartedly embrace them and improve company morale.  With […]

How to harness creativity for the success of your brand

how to harness creativity for your brand's success

Tap into creativity and create original ideas Time to address the elephant in the room and adorn it with sequins and strobe lights. Drawing stickmen does not make you uncreative, and no long lost collection of Einstein watercolours were ever found. In other words, everyone is creative and every business can be too. Profit will […]