Boomtown takes NESCAFÉ Ricoffy Cappuccino to market

To attract more coffee drinkers, NESCAFÉ Ricoffy has invested in new product development and introduced a NESCAFÉ Ricoffy cappuccino offering.

Briefing Boomtown to launch the NESCAFÉ Ricoffy cappuccino sachets, NESCAFÉ Ricoffy wanted to increase awareness as well as create excitement amongst younger consumers, encouraging trial and getting them into the coffee market whilst offering a variety of options for NESCAFÉ Ricoffy loyal drinkers.

Talking about the new line, Rudo Tsagae, Category Marketing Manager: Coffee and Beverages – NESCAFÉ remarks saying, “We wanted to bring fresh new flavours and a touch of indulgence to reinvigorate the brand. In doing so we are able to appeal to a contemporary audience.”

The cappuccino messaging had to sit comfortably within the wider NESCAFÉ Ricoffy messaging the Boomtown had previously created. “The key brand messaging share the smooth taste that brings us together and stirs memories’ was the centre of our work,” remarks Boomtown Director of Strategy, Glen Meier. “So the NESCAFÉ Ricoffy cappuccino campaign worked around the line ‘NESCAFÉ Ricoffy Cappuccino makes any moment special’, because NESCAFÉ Ricoffy Cappuccino is so smooth, tasty and creamy, it’s the sweetest excuse to share more moments more often.”

Within the campaign the brand’s localness is highlighted and demonstrates how NESCAFÉ Ricoffy brings local flavours, to life and uses colloquialisms unique to South Africa. “Biscuit and milktart are two of the flavours we’ve launched to show the product’s ‘South Africaness’ and the creative execution is fun, light-hearted, and uses local lingo,” adds Meier.

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