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Eveready Moments that Last

About This Project

The everlasting power of moments


A battery is a battery. However wrong, this is the view held by most South African consumers. Thereʼs also the myth that locally produced batteries are inferior and donʼt last as long as their imported counterparts. As if this isnʼt enough to contend with, there is also little knowledge on which battery to use for which purpose, something which further degrades the reputation of good batteries. Challenges aside, we were powered by the endless possibility of creativity.


When Eveready previously rebranded and expanded its alkaline battery range, it became the

longest-lasting battery in South Africa. Enter the catchy phrase ʻBatteries that Last Forevereverʼ. Building on this, we created the ʻMoments that Last Forevereadyʼ campaign, tribute to the fact that a battery provides so much more than just energy. A series of emotive TV ads were aired, each relative to a specific product within the alkaline range. Each ad demonstrated and quantified the type of memorable moments enabled by the specific product. TV ads were supported by radio, moment-associated packaging design, and educational in-store POS competitions.


Aside from challenging rivals and having a positive impact on the brandʼs sales, the

campaign did something infinitely more powerful – it conveyed that Eveready gives people the power to make amazing moments happen and last longer.