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Rajah ʻSiShareBoʼ

About This Project

Social sharing sans technology


Every South African grew up with a pack of Rajah in the cupboard. Itʼs the countryʼs unofficial official national curry powder. The problem? The box sits in the cupboard more than it should. Communities get together occasionally for big events where Rajah is usually a key ingredient in the main meal, but curry as a spontaneous community meal just doesnʼt happen. We needed a way to encourage communities to share more Rajah meals more often.


As the only curry with a variant mild enough to share with everyone, the concept of sharing was integral. And so the ʻSiShareBoʼ campaign was conceived, its name based on the local word ʻSisheboʼ, a stew-like dish served on most township dinner tables. The campaign facilitated a neighbourly moment, developed around Rajah, that enabled a weekly catch-up with those closest to you. An on-pack sales-driving promotion during the initial campaign period gave consumers the opportunity to win grocery vouchers and a ʻSiShareBoʼ meal for their street, by purchasing Rajah.


A total of 43 ʻSiShareBosʼ took place in 3 townships, involving more than 150 people – a 96% engagement with the target group. Up to a year later with no further brand intervention, several streets continue to ʻSiShareBoʼ weekly – testament to the humble power of real-life sharing.15