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Ricoffy Repositioning

About This Project

Stirring up sales and memories


Stashed in most local cupboards is a tin of Nescafe Ricoffy – an old favourite for generations. But in a cash-strapped economy with price-sensitive consumers, even old favourites can become old news quicker than you can ask “how many sugars?” It’s a classic case of the age-old marketer’s challenge – emotion versus reason. Mainstream consumers needed an emotional reminder as to why they love Ricoffy and why it’s worth the extra rand or two.


The solution lay in a simple insight – busy consumers, burdened by responsibilities, feel uplifted by connecting with those closest to them. Enter Ricoffy – the smooth taste that brings people together. The new positioning was launched via a TV ad, which told the story of a young girl and her family coming together to celebrate her matric results, a realistic scenario which struck a chord with a nation of consumers who pin their hopes on the next generation. TV was followed by an integrated campaign including digital, ALS radio, in-store and township activations.


The campaign was a hot success, stirring up emotions, memories and a positive storm of product sales. Consumers were reminded why meaningful moments with those closest to them are best shared with the heart-warming, smooth taste of Nescafe Ricoffy.