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Soga Brand Strategy and Packaging

About This Project

Causing a stir in more than just gin and tonics


Every now and then as an agency, you are tasked with marketing a truly original and innovative product. The SOGA (Sundays Organic Growers Association) Organic® branding and packaging job was just that – the opportunity to produce something worthy of a really great product. The product? South Africaʼs only certified organic frozen lemon juice. ʻJust squeezed and freezed™ʼ, the juice is preserved just as it is – free from the usual nasties and additives. Everything about the brand needed to shout about their respect for the delicate balance of nature and their dedication to ʻkeeping it real.ʼ


The packaging required some serious stand-out appeal and needed to communicate the brandʼs ʻjust as it isʼ philosophy and the convenience of the product. The freezer-safe resealable packaging was designed with convenience in mind, with a transparent window that showcases the contents. Bold, fresh colours and graphics pack a punch, much like the zesty juice within. Bright pops of lemon yellow and quirky lettering set against a matt black background create a sophisticated but down-to-earth liveliness thatʼs hard to ignore.


The product landed on the shelves with a bang in early 2016 and continues to cause a stir in more than just gin and tonics. A real hit all ʻround, and a good mix of first-class design driven by sound strategy.